Пропонуємо Вам на замовлення хімічні продукти, що використовуються у виробництві покриттів для фасадів та покрівель 

 Surface Preparation Products
Adhesive primer for asbestos-cement, concrete and other porous and/or absorbent surfaces.
Must be thinned with 30% Thinner 22.
Deep primer for roofing and faзades
water soluble
Deep primer for roofing
solvent based
Adhesive foundation
Contains non-saponifiable resins that disperse in water for plaster and porous tiles.
Can be used on surfaces containing bitumen.
 Water-Sealing Products For Roofs
All-weather sealing
Water sealant for the sealing of roofs and gutters with immediate effect in any kind of weather. Ready to use.
Transparent roof coating
For skylights, etc.
Single-component bitumen-free roof coating
Delivered in semifluid form, dries to form a permanent elastic synthetic layer. Ready to use. Available in assorted colours.
Double-component filling mixture
With high filling ability
Double-component synthetic coating
Solvent-free, exceptionally waterproof and weatherproof. Especially suitable for non-sloped roofing.
 Corrosion Inhibitors
Universal corrosion inhibitor
Water dilutable - elastic, waterproof, for iron and non-iron metal.
Available in assorted colours.
Universal corrosion inhibitor
Dries to form a tough, elastic, waterproof film.
Dries in all types of weather.
 Special paints
Roof paint (solvent based)Special paint system for the aesthetic treatment of sloped roofs with roof tiles, slates, asbestos-cement (glossy finish).Floor coverings
Special paint with two components, disperses in water.
Uncoloured protective coating for floors
Applied in one or two coats onto Pegasol or Roldeck for a semi-gloss, hardly stained and easy-to-clean surface.
Acrylic paint for roofs
For the renovation and protection of roof tiles, slates and asbestos-cement.
Special paint for damp walls
Contains high levels of acrylic polymers for the renovation of interior walls in damp cellars and other rooms.

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